Some people get hyped about dressing up all October, others celebrate the lowering temperatures…meanwhile in Dance Music land, RL Grimes new Halloween Mixtape is what gets our gears turning. The Bass Music powerhouse’s famous mix series turns nine years old in 2020, and he’s not waiting for the decade mark to celebrate in a unique way. Via Sable Valley’s Twitch Channel, he’ll be replaying old mixes from Halloween I to the world premiere of Halloween IX on October 29.

Halloween IX will include a barrage of heaters like it always does. The biggest surprise to anticipate is what iconic voice will get to introduce the affair. From Goosebumps author RL Stine to his most recent guest, Guy Fieri, past guests paint an exciting picture of who may come to introduce this new batch of beats.

Check out a schedule below for all of the replay dates on and stay tuned for the mixtape’s release on Halloween day.

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