The roaring basslines of RMA are back with his latest global cut, ‘Rock This Town’, out now on NoFace Records (Armada Music). Heavy from the get go, RMA delivers his signature relentless talents as a producer with his unbelievable bass house single. You’ll find influences of deep house and electro all over the tune as you jump up and down wanting more bass from the one and only RMA.

RMA has firmly placed himself among other well seasoned DJ/Producers with years of experience under his belt. Last year, he saw one of his remixes of ‘The Way’ hit the Top 10 Beatport charts and was released on Axtone Records. We’ve covered his previous releases with the likes of legendary Fatman Scoop and his tribal dance floor roller ‘Show U‘.

Listen to ‘Rock This Town’ down below!

GDE – Have you had a chance to heavily play ‘Rock This Town’ in your sets & what have the reactions been like?

RMA – Yes, we played it on Takahiro Yoshihira & RMA – Your Solution Radio 150 and the reactions were very positive.

GDE – You have a powerful sound that stands out. What key elements do you aim to include in your productions?

RMA – My key elements are mostly the same: a powerful vocal and my characteristic RMA instrumental beats.

GDE – Can you highlight one of your own favourite original productions and what makes it special to you?

RMA – It was definitely my release last year with Fatman Scoop (Lick U) because that was my first collaboration with a worldwide known artist.

GDE – Finally, what else has you excited as we head further into 2020 and a new decade?

RMA – In 2020 I have a lot of new releases with artists and label which I never worked together before.

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