For five years, Desert Hearts Records has served as the creative conduit of the Desert Hearts community, signing records from a plethora of world class artists that have joined their ranks over the years. The label since grew into a powerhouse, signing the likes of wAFF, Rodriguez Jr., and Latmun, to name a few. Now, it’s time to bring things home and shift the focus to the ringleaders themselves in the run up to the flagship festival. Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porky, have today unveiled their Road To Desert Hearts, lined with new EPs crafted in their respective studios.

Kicking off the series is Porky, who’s put together the groove-heavy Chameleon EP alongside close label friend Mitch Dodge. The bustling two tracker—released today—brims with cheeky vocal bits, tribal percussion, and psychedelic synths that perfectly capture the energy present at each Desert Hearts event. LISTEN HERE.

Lee Reynolds’ Long Weekend serves as the next stop on the Road To Desert Hearts. The EP follows up his highly praised solo debut on the label, Can’t Rewind, which showed off just how experimental he likes to get in the studio. As March settles in, the capped conductor Mikey Lion will imbue his convivial energy and keen ear for genre fusion into a two-tracker of his own.

Finally, Marbs completes Road To Desert Hearts with his first return to the core label in three years. 2019 was a big year for the crew’s ‘King of Darkness,’ who helped bring the Desert Hearts sound to new realms with the launch of his own label subsidiary, Desert Hearts Black alongside Evan Casey. The nascent label immediately showed itself as a force to be reckoned with, reaching Beatport’s top spot through its inaugural Torus EP. With his homecoming release, Marbs might just surprise you with a whole new side of his artistry.

The Road To Desert Hearts not only shows off the distinctive sonic personalities of Mikey, Lee, Porky, and Marbs, but also kicks off a bustling year in which North America’s best will be brought into the spotlight. With the Desert Hearts crew leading the charge, expect a year full of forward-thinking and fresh beats that will serve as the perfect soundtrack leading into the 2020 festival and beyond in renowned venues like Space Miami, festivals like Vujaday and Lightning in a Bottle, and Dallas for the city’s inaugural Desert Hearts Black showcase.

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