The news that cancer struck Rusko echoed through every corner of the Dance music community; no matter what subgenre you listened to, you know what kind of an impact the young Bass Music artist had on the music scene. Essentially, what his doctors thought were kidney stones tried out to be gastric lymphoma.

“I went for the scan to check for kidney stones, and this dude, totally casually, came and sat down next to the bed and said, ‘So, we’ve found a bunch of cancer, and we want to get it biopsied and do this test … just like dropped it like it was nothing. He totally didn’t prepare me at all. He was so casual I didn’t believe it at first.”

“It was really scary, but I knew that the statistics don’t like. The survival rate said it was more likely that I would survive with treatment than not survive. But there’s still the percentages, you know. There’s still the 25 percent of people who don’t make it with treatment. So it was really scary, but you focus on the positives and the fortunate position I was in.”

Sadly, the cancerous cells multiplied to a dangerous number before doctors discovered them, and more work needed to be done to ensure he could truly make a full recovery. For the last 6 months, Rusko has been on a hiatus to continue his treatment with the hope of re-emerging with good news.

We’re happy to say that this week, Rusko officially confirmed with YourEDM that he has won the battle with his cancer! Though in this specific case 75% of affected patients do in fact survive, nobody was truly sure if his case could be helped. The intensive chemotherapy that he underwent in May was more taxing on his body but proved successful in stabilizing his body and eliminating the cancer cells.

“I feel like I’ve been reset and have the chance to come at it again fresh. I have a new energy and feel ready to take stuff on, but still have to listen to my body. I’m definitely gonna have to play a couple gigs for the nurses and cancer doctors here in the UK sometime.”

From here it’s smooth sailing. And by smooth sailing, we mean new music coming soon. He’ll keep us updated on the what and the when…for now, we’re happy to celebrate the fact that he’s coming out of this battle victorious.


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