Following the three deaths at HARD Summer, we can’t be surprised that San Bernadino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford has been driven to ban Electronic events with more fuel than before. With Live Nation’s contract to hold events up in October, the timing for this issue couldn’t be worse. Rutherford had this to say:

“Devore residents are subjected to window-rattling noise until 2 a.m., drugged out young people wandering through their yards, and intense traffic for entire weekends when the San Manuel Amphitheater hosts these events,” Rutherford said in her statement Friday. “The short-term economic benefits of these events do not outweigh the impacts they have on Devore residents, and they certainly do not warrant putting more young lives at risk.”

While banning events isn’t the answer, the impulse to do so does not come as a surprise. Based on the personal testimony of an attendee on the limitations of medical supplies at this year’s HARD Summer, it is hard to trust that next year’s event will not hold the same risk as it did this year. Work should be done to hold a higher standard for these necessities, though, instead of a motion to try and stop a constant source of revenue for the community.

We personally feel this is an attack on the music and our culture. Now we understand the issue that is currently going on within our scene but banning EDM festivals, or “raves” as these out of touch older people like to call them, will not solve any drug related issues. Sweeping it under the rug is the dumbest thing someone can do. Why not team up together with the promoters and the venue to try to come up with a solution? Banning festivals from the San Manual Amphitheater over the traffic and loud noises is not a good enough reason to quit hosting EDM festivals at this County-owned venue. Keep in mind these festivals are hosted two weekends out of the year!

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