San Bernardino County is investigating an illegal gathering that occurred in Apple Valley. According to videos captured of the event, the gathering had hundreds of people who were closely gathered without masks.

Though owners of the property on Jalma road were served with a Cease and Desist order on Friday after receiving a tip, the party proceeded the next night. Videos of the party were posted on the Instagram of an off-roading group Manguerones, but it is unclear if the organizers are linked to that group. “The county has a lot of photos and videos of Saturday’s event,” David Wert, a spokesperson for the county, said. “County staff will examine them and determine what the next steps will be.”

In videos posted to social media, masks were scarce as confetti floated through the air and those in attendance danced the night away.

Authorities said there was no application for a permit, which would have been required for the event to be held, and that an investigation was underway.


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