After a bombshell announcement from Dreamstate SoCal this past week, we all had to freeze and rewind for a few seconds. What exactly us Abraxis, and when did Seven Lions and Dimibo even think of creating such a project? A trip to their website doesn’t immediately answer these questions; instead, it asks YOU a few. This 25 question survey is introduced with a message:

You’ve come to the right page.

Clear your mind. Think of nothing.

Nothing exists in this moment except for your potential.

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Now begin.

The questions start off semi-serious, asking questions about how you perceive the thoughts and feelings of those around you. Towards the end though, the survey turns silly with the questions revolving around literal powers you may have. Upon receiving the final results, a teaser for the first ever Abraxis single “Black Rainbow” is served up to play. When we say teaser, we mean it. The audio clip drops into an 8 bit bassline that gives us an idea of what the song will sound like out of a souped up soundsystem…and that’s about it. Dreamstate isn’t to far away, though; if we’re lucky, we’ll have the privilege of full quality previews from this new project soon.

Secure your Dreamstate SoCal Tickets 2019 when they go on sale this Friday (6/21) @ 12PM.

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