Let’s take a moment and hit the pause button during this chaotic year. NYC-based, Japanese pop singer Shihori offers a positive message in her latest cut ‘Soul Trip’. Infectiously funky, Shihori’s cadence and rhythm is a unique and refreshing audio experience that sooths the soul. A Killian Cruiser production, Shihori voice and melodies waltz through an intimidating downtempo beat that works surprisingly well. The artists describe the song as taking ‘a walk with a trusted friend’:

“The power of “like” is the strongest. Remember it every time you feel stressed, pick your favorite something out! Then you will find the light a bit easier.  I hope that “Soul Trip” will help you get to the higher frequency!”- Shihori

Life as an artist during the pandemic hasn’t been an easy one. After relocating to the United States in 2018, Shihori has thrived as an independent woman in the music industry. The snag hit, as it did everyone else, when the pandemic came to our shores and halted the entire world. Shihori describes the difficulties brought by the pandemic as challenging; disrupting all operations for her as an artist when it comes to recording, photoshoot, and the whole lifestyle in general. She wrote ‘Soul Trip’ as well as many other tunes to be released during her isolation.

Check out ‘Soul Trip’ down below!

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