This is not a drill: once and for all, Showtek is about to resurrect themselves in the biggest way since their official announcement of returning to hardstyle a short time ago. Sydney promoter Harder Styles United just posted a video officially announcing that the duo’s epic return will be in the form of a 75-minute showcase. This is indeed a world exclusive live show, and it marks a milestone for Showtek fans who have waited a long time for a day like this. This will be 75 mins of pure classics and brand new hardstyle!! Its a dream come true and Australia gets it first and probably the only time ever!

To make things even better, Showtek has great company: HSU’s Knockout Circus will also be hosting Da Tweekaz, Coone, The Prophet, Darren Styles, D-Block & S-te-fan, Code Black, Sub Zero Project, Devin Wild, and DJ Isaac. For tickets to this insane event, check their website.


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