DJ’s like to be comfortable when they’re on stage mixing for a set, that’s where tour riders come in. If you’re not familiar with what a rider is, it’s one of the many tasks an agent makes for their client’s hospitality. It’s a required list of essential necessities a DJ needs while performing. Examples include the obvious like water, alcohol, socks, food or 6 pairs of mens underwear (we didn’t forget Steve Aoki), but there have been crazier and even offensive requests that question what “necessities” are really needed. Skrillex and Diplo’s upcoming performance as Jack Ü at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Center, lead to a leak of their rider and it’s quite interesting. From specific alcoholic beverages like Grey Goose, after show Caesar salads, detailed specifically, no show H&M socks, ceramic plates, the list is detailed to a tee, oh and of course, no white lighters, that’s bad luck. It’s pretty fun looking into a DJ’s perspective through their choices on their rider. We can tell Skrillex and Diplo like their food, including Kambucha and Hummus!

Check out the full rider below:

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