New music Friday is about to be that much better.

Skrillex tweeted today that he has been in the studio with Boys Noize the past few days in Berlin, making new music. The Skrillex and Boys Noize combo form Dog Blood, a side project that released its first single in 2012. The duo has not released any new music since 2013’s Middle Finger Pt. 2, a little before Skrillex shifted his focus to Jack Ü alongside Diplo.

Friday, Dog Blood will be releasing a new song, making the end of everyone’s week that much better and giving a truer meaning to TGIF.  Skrillex also tweeted that there are three more “proper Dogblood songs” that they created and are trying to get finished this week. Although he didn’t mention a release date, Skrillex noted that they want to get it out to the public to enjoy, so it looks like we can be expecting even more new music post Friday and soon.

For those going to Miami this weekend, Dog Blood is headlining  Brownies & Lemonade’s Miami Music Week party and you can bet we’re going to hear brand new music from the duo live for the first time.

See the tweets below:

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