To many, Electronic producer Steve Aoki suddenly announcing an all Hip-Hop album was a shock. To those who know the Vegas Club resident’s history, though, a daring move like this is totally in his character. Aoki released “Kolony” this week, and the album sounds off with a rambunctious sound that’s sure to impress regulars the Hip-Hop/EDM dance-floors and festival stages. Aoki had this to say about the album:

“When I was in the studio working on this project or a song with someone that made it to the album, they brought their own crew, and I’d turn around and be like, ‘this squad is like a colony,’” explains Aoki of the title. “We’re like a colony because it just felt like the energy in the room was more vibrant. It was a lot of energy from people flowing from the studio, and I loved that think tank, that group collaboration, and spirit.”

The album is only 10 tracks but features an insane flock of Hip-Hop talent including Wale, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Migos, Gucci Mane, T-Pain and production collaborations with Bad Royale and Big Gigantic. Check out the full thing on Spotify.

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