Enter the creative mind of Jane Lui’s debut project, Surrija. Her debut album for the new project just dropped earlier this month and is a 12 track compilation inspired by the women whom Picasso had deeply rooted relationships with during his time. Surrija had this to say in regards to her album’s inspiration:

“Picasso spent many nights extracting these women’s essence and then he would dispose of them, basically crushing them into his canvas”

The album gives a nod to Marie Therese Walter, Francoise Gilot, Dora Maar, and many others who’s work were overlooked from their full potential due to Picasso large shadow caste upon them. Much of the album draws a 90’s R&B vibe with contemporary elements of hip-hop, soul and funk. ‘Nothing Love’ begins as a powerful opening track that draws the listeners in for the sonic journey ahead.

‘Sylvette’ is one of our personal favorites that takes an alternative approach and is a stand out in the whole ablum. The song draws from Surrija’s analysis on Lydia Corbett, the girl with the ponytail in Picasso’s Sylvette painting series. Although not a lover of Picasso, you’ll probably find more of an artistic effort on Picasso’s part as he attempts to ‘find’ her on the canvas as Surrija does in the track.

In Surrija’s album kickstarter, she reveals that much of the latter half of the album is based on her late father. Without going into too many details, as the music will later reveal, her relationship with her father involved a lot of emotional trauma. ‘Mercy Street’ is a powerful window in to Surrija’s grieving process that is still ongoing, after some 11 years since her father’s passing.

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