Heartracer is a prolific brotherly duo that has been pumping out pop records since 2012. Formed by Chris and Chip Cosby, Heartracer is a group that finds influences from retro synths, indie dance, and uplifting pop music. The duo got its name from Chris’ tachycardia diagnosis that a disorder where the heart beats faster at random intervals. Chris started the project on his own, and his brother chip joined on shortly after finishing his PhD.

The two recently took a trip to Los Angeles to produce ‘All At Once’ with veteran producer, Andrew Lappin, at the infamous Sunset Sound Studios. Lappin has quite the repertoire in the industry, having produced music with the likes of Passion Pit, M83, and St. Lucia. Together, the three musicians fired off this incredible single, ‘All At Once’. Fueled by energetic electric guitar riffs, groovy bassline, and uplifting vocals and lyrics, the single is surefire statement that Heartracer’s success is not slowing down anytime soon.

The group is to have said that they have recorded an additional 5 songs that will be released at a later date.

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