Area 42 in Toledo had an unfortunate event mar the start of their club season, as the main artist of their first event Jeff Mills had an empty bottle thrown in his direction. Power cut out in the venue, and one enraged fan seemed to want to take their misguided aggression out on the headlining act, causing him to leave the stage. This is the rough translation of the venue’s official statement:

“When we announce our start of season, we never dreamt to be writing, just a few hours later, a statement like this…

But we want to start by thanking everyone who danced with us yesterday and you enjoy a great night, a special night in which a large audience and the music were being the protagonists, as it should happen at any party.

Thank you to all the less of a person, the one that did not know how to enjoy, don’t even respect something so humble and free as the music. That person who decided to throw a bottle on our main artist, Jeff Mills, disrespecting both his figure and endangering their physical integrity, as well as to all present, allowing us to be able to complete his incredible set.
Around 4:30, when all we enjoyed what was being the beginning of season dreamed, came up with this unfortunate moment that you are saying, so that our guest, as it is clear, he decided to put an end to his performance and leave the stage .

We can’t understand how someone can attend a place where the sole purpose is to enjoy and make this type of action, that’s why we want to make a call to all those who understand the music of another way, almost as a way of life and day to day We live and work for it, so that together we continue betting and supporting the scene as he deserves. From the promoters, passing by the artists until we get to the public, just like that, we will be able to continue enjoying the great moments that music is capable of letting us.
Many hours of work, illusion and especially win are the ingredients that have formed part from the beginning in our new project and will remain so, because a single person can ruin a moment, but do we stop dreaming and continue dancing together.”

The lack of respect for performers and artists has been rampant lately, with Duke Dumont being spat on during a performance and a stilt performer being knocked over by an unruly person at EDC Las Vegas.

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