When Crystal Method released High Roller in 1997, they couldn’t have predicted that the song’s melody would be coupled videos of war torn Syria. The video in question was released by Russian network VGTRK and depicts 3 minutes of Syria being bombed by their forces, using the song in question to soundtrack the strikes. It wouldn’t have hurt for them to make sure the original artists agreed with what they were doing in the video; in an official statement, Crystal Method had this to say:

“It has come to our attention over the last 24 hours that the Kremlin via Russian state broadcaster VGTRK have used our song ‘High Roller’ as the soundtrack to some shocking drone footage from Syria. The use of our music in this context is in no way authorized and The Crystal Method do not condone the use of violence for the resolution of any conflict. Our hearts go out to the people of Syria affected by this terrible war and their friends and families.”

Music can be linked to some of the most visceral memories you have in life, and yours shouldn’t be made to celebrate something you don’t agree with.



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