Insomniac announced the return of its 4th annual New Year’s Eve celebration, Countdown NYE 2018, with an unparalleled first release of artists on the lineup, deadmau5 and Porter Robinson. On Saturday, December 30 and Sunday, December 31, thousands of Headliners will come together to bid farewell to 2017 and usher in 2018 under twinkling lights and raining confetti at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. The largest NYE celebration on the West Coast will bring globally acclaimed DJ and producer, deadmau5, performing for the first time at an Insomniac festival in over seven years, alongside renowned producer and visual innovator, Porter Robinson. Early Bird passes for the unmissable year-end celebration will be available for a limited time only, on Friday, August 25 at 12 PM PT.

Last year’s Countdown NYE attracted its largest audience yet with over 70,000 revelers ringing in the New Year to the sounds of NGHTMRE, Diplo, A-Trak, RL Grime, and more. The monumental two-night affair transformed the NOS Events Center with three breathtaking stages, beautiful décor, inspiring art installations, and countless champagne toasts across the weekend. VIP Headliners formed lasting memories and new beginnings inside a luxurious oasis where they were treated to elevated amenities like a DIY hot cocoa bar, complimentary NYE accessories, signature sparkling cocktails, and cozy heated seating areas.

Countdown NYE 2018 full lineup will be announced soon

GIVEAWAY: Which tracks are YOU wanna hear Deadmau5 and Porter Robinson play? Comment below to win a 2-day pass


Countdown NYE 2018 Tickets: GA $179 +fees

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  1. Anonymous

    overall I just want to hear some classic Deadmau5. Most of all I want to hear Cafe Del Mar(Deadmau5 Remix) & Faxing Berlin. Also; Brazil, alone with you, Not Exactly,

    • Feren

      I want the mau5 to play raise your weapon , strobe 🙂

      And porter of course spitfire. Unison, sad machine . Lion hearted 😻

  2. Christhian Lopez

    Overall I just want to hear some classic Deadmau5. Most of all I want to hear Cafe Del Mar(Deadmau5 Remix) & Faxing Berlin. Also; Brazil, Alone with You, I Remember, Not Exactly, FML, Strobe, Some Chords. Don’t really care much for Porter Robinson. So a single Sunday ticket will suffice.

  3. Mohammed

    I def want to hear ghost n stuff always and Cthulhu sleeps , Porter if he plays his old electro i would die !

  4. Kassandra

    I would love to see Porter and Deadmau5! Last time I saw Joel was when he did that “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” show at the Palladium in 2011. Some of my favorite tracks are Sofi Needs a Latter, Strobe, Raise Your Weapon. Some of my favorite Porter tracks are Fresh Static Snow and 100% in the Bitch

  5. Tyrell

    Anything from the mau5 is phenomenal. But let’s see porter drop the edge of glory remix. You’ll have my neck broken

  6. Kul

    Deadmau5 closing his set with I Remember transitioning into I Forget
    Porter Robinson – opening with Say My Name

  7. rebecca

    I would love to hear porter play “the seconds.”
    From deadmau5, strobe and my pet coelecanth.

  8. Jennifer AC

    Hearing deadmau5 live would just be amazing, but if he plays ‘Raise Your Weapons’….wow it honestly might just turn my crappy year to possibly one of the best. Many may think I’m exaggerating, but those who understand the power that music holds (esp. EDM) , will understand that it is very much possible.

    Lets not forget the classic Ghosts and Haul, I honestly hear this at work 24/7 lol.

    Now, with Porter Robinson. Man, it might just be me but ‘Goodbye to a World,’ has me feeling some type of way. Just IMAGINE Porter closing with this one. Wow….

    okay lol sorry I wrote more than just the tracks, but wow…I just love EDM, and countdown just has a special place in my heart since it was my FIRST ever rave/music festival.

    Praying to the rave gods that i’ll get the chance to be back again this year.

  9. christine

    Porter is my favorite artist ever and he’s what got me into EDM. I’d love to hear Shelter, The Thrill, and hopefully some new music for the new year?

  10. Rene Gaeta

    As a UCLA college student that loves to have a good time I want to hear

    Deadmau5 : Raise Your Weapon

    Porter: Obviously Shelter and Language

  11. Paul

    I never tire of listening to Strobe by the mau5, and Lionhearted by Porter is my favorite as it’s what first got me listening to him.

  12. Lauren

    i neeeeeed deadmau5 to play i remember and porter to play of course shelter & sad machine. all of these songs make me cry.

  13. Mitchell Espinoza

    Language – Porter Robinson
    Deadmau5 – Strobe, Raise Your Weapon, Ghost & Stuff

  14. Branden Hinkle

    I would love to hear Porter Robinson Dj as his alter ego “Virtual Self” and play tracks like “Ghost voices”. As far as deadmou5 I’d love to hear some of his classics like “Strobe” or “Faxing Berlin”. Bring it on!!


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