Following their rapid rise, MAKO–producer/songwriter/vocalist Alex Seaver and producer Logan Light–now tackle a new sonic challenge via their debut album. An album long in the having fans wait, the debut album is finally out now via Ultra Music.

A stark shift in musical aesthetic, Hourglass sees MAKO graduating beyond their early beginnings in dance music and reaching far into the spheres of pop, indie rock and beyond. The album, created over two years, reflects an equal amalgamation of the myriad influences from which Seaver and Light draw as well as their deep-rooted experience on the road, in the studio, on the stage and in everyday life. All together, Hourglass is the latest and most robust chapter in the MAKO storyline, a growing tale told up to date in the album’s 12 tracks. 

We got a sneak peek of what Mako’s made of at the YouTube Space LA alongside Gryffin and 3lau and free pizza and drinks! Their live set was amazing to watch as they incorporated live instruments into their electronic songs like “Smoke Filled Room,” and even had a violinist on stage. Check out the live stream from our Facebook below and take a look at 3lau’s set HERE.

Grab the Mako’s 12-track album, “Hourglass,” out now on Ultra Music.

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