TomorrowWorld’s gracious refund was in fact, not a gracious refund. As it turns out, the 1/3rd of original price being deposited into the accounts of the thousands of attendees was the original intention made by ID&T. Essentially, every single person who recieved a full deposit to their accound just got charged again for 2/3rds of it. Call us crazy, but we think the negative press on this festival has reached dangerous levels.

TomorrowWorld Fuck Ups Refunds, Charges Festival Attendees Again

On the bright side though, tickets around the world may never be scalped again.


You may have noticed on your credit card statement that you were refunded the full amount of your TomorrowWorld Full Madness Pass or Passes. In accordance with the TomorrowWorld Ticket Refund policy, found here, 1/3 of your ticket price will be refunded, not the entire amount. Since we refunded the full ticket price, we will now charge 2/3 of the ticket price separately again. We will strive to have both transactions be part of a single month’s statement so no additional action is required from your side.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us via our online contact form.

Kind regards,



H/T: YourEDM


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