The Brothers Macklovitch, better known by their individual stage names A-trak and Dave 1 (Chromeo), are finally releasing new music together. They both champion their respective bases in dance music, A-Trak a DMC world champion and Dave 1 co-sharing the title of king of Funk with his Chromeo partner P-Thugg. Their first release was an edit of Rafael Saadiq’s ‘So Ready’ single showcasing the duo’s talents of mixing R&B, house, and funk.

Their official release just dropped today, Give Love To Get Some, which took us back in time with feels of 90’s house and R&B vibes with a contemporary flair. Dutch singer Levan Kali lends his amazing vocals to the song, chanting repeatedly the single’s title throughout the track.

We absolutely can not wait for the brothers to do some show dates as the Brothers Macklovitch. Maybe they’ll do a livestream in the meantime?

Check out ‘Give Love to Get Some’ down below!


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