Tribal House Crew recently released their 3-track EP, ‘Afro Acid’. The tracks consist of 3 different mixes of the same production: a radio mix, extended mix, and a remix from the man behind Tribal House Crew, Charlie D. Each song is rooted in Afro-house, which incorporates indigenous percussive instruments with a techno/tech-house flare. It’s tribal, raw, and energetic. You can’t help but start moving those hips when each track takes you on a similar journey with its own twist.

Tribal House Crew is the brainchild of Charlie Dee Diaz, who has multiple decades of experience in the dance music world. This project is also a collaboration with his wife, Maria Giambanco Diaz, who provides a complementary touch through songwriting and vocals. Together, Tribal House Crew is a tech-house force of reckoning in today’s multi-faceted dance floor. We can’t wait to hear more from them.

‘Afro-Acid’ is out now on Underground Rhythm Records.

Check it out down below!

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