Two months before Ultra is scheduled to return to Bayfront Park, organizers have still not signed an agreement with the city to use Bayfront Park for the three-day electronic dance music event, and no one will explain why. The newer demographic of Miami that drove Ultra Music Festival out of Bayfront Park aren’t letting the show go on without a fight.

The Downtown Neighbor’s Alliance is suing the city to try and cancel out commissioners’ original decision to let UMF return to Bayfront Park. An attorney named Sam Dubbin filed a four-count complaint accusing the city of violating its own charter and permitting an “illegal nuisance.” This is in regards to the loud music that happens throughout the weekend and the extensive construction and demolition of the festival that stops residents from accessing the park. Upon the lawsuit being filed, several members of the Downtown Neighbors Alliance backed it:

“Between 2012 and 2019, the city allowed Ultra to conduct music festivals in Bayfront Park, and blast catastrophic volumes of noise into plaintiffs’ and other downtown Miami residents’ homes, depriving them of the quiet enjoyment of their homes, and also depriving plaintiffs and other downtown residents access to Bayfront Park for several months each year.”

The suit could have some serious weight behind it, considering a final contract still has not been signed to let Ultra back on the property. Ultra will take place in March, so a final decision on the event happening is sure to occur soon.


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