It has been a nail-biting journey since Ultra was denied Bayfront Park contract for future venue use. A few weeks ago, a new potential home was revealed for the EDM festival:  the park next to the Miami Marine Stadium and Historic Virginia Key Beach Park. Today, it went to a vote.

Through the City of Miami government Facebook page, as well as through live tweeting from reporters like Joey Flechas of The Miami Herald, the debate was lively as the Miami commissioners were back and forth with Ultra representatives on whether they could make this location their new venue for 2019.

There were multiple concerns going into this. Traffic patterns, environmental worries, and its general impact on the are were all brought upon the table. For the commissioners, their concern also involved money.

In their debate, money was the overall pull. Miami is gaining a minimum $2M payment from Ultra, as opposed to the original $1.4M number. For environmental concerns, Ultra promised to have only limited VIP parking available and will shuttle festival goers back and forth. They will also put up fences to protect environmentally sensitive areas. They are also willing to engage with multiple environment consultants and initiate a traffic plan. There was also the demand that some of the money go towards a future African American Museum, as the festival will bolster the Virginia Key Park Trust.

In a 4-1 vote, the commissioners approved on an agreement for the festival to be held in the two tandem locations. Ultra officially has a new home.

For anyone who missed the live stream, see the reporter’s twitter thread below.

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