We can’t not try to find sneak peeks of Ultra’s construction progress; the festival, traveling to the Virginia Key State Beach Park for the first time, takes place next weekend. This means that construction is underway on several new stages; based on the pictures below, we’d say they’re in good shape to blow minds.

One such stage we can’t wait to see the inside of is the festival’s classic Megastructure, which naturally was one of the first stages erected. Luckily the pictures attached have some small houses in front of it so we can scale out the stage. The top of this new arch is about three times as high as those house roofs, which undoubtedly places this amongst some of the most impressive structures of its kind. Other than that, it appears the iconic “U” symbol has been completed on what we assume will be the main stage. All that’s left now is to see them raise it and add all the bells and whistles at their disposal before that massive space hosts thousands of revelers.


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