Alesso brought the magic to the Greek Theatre not only with his music but with and impressive stage set up with outstanding visuals.

According to Alesso’s manager, Amy Thompson, the new stage design took four months to construct.

“It takes a long time to build a show. First you draw it in a crappy piece of paper. Then you add lasers and lights. Then you work with the best people you know to make the drawing come to life. Then you sit in dark rooms and practice. Then you build it 100 meters wide and bring the movies to Los Angeles. Tonight Alesso plays The Greek in la. Sold out in 9 minutes. Took 4 months to build. And it was worth every minute ….”

The design allows the music the visuals to sync impeccably with the musical soundtrack. LED screens 100 meters high from floor to ceiling, the audience was immersed into Alesso’s world through an alternate visual reality. Add lasers, lights, and hypnotizing production, and you have one hell of a show! Take a look at the masterpiece of a stage for yourself!





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