You read that headline right, unfortunately. Electric Daisy Carnival is all about the headliners, peace, love, unity, and respect, but a certain group of hateful “protesters” are trying to tear the culture down. Now on their list of hatred, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church have deemed EDC Vegas as “evil, and promoting gay culture and drug use.” Their 75 person protest plan is to picket their way to Sin City from their small-minded hometown of Topeka, Kansas, a 19-hour drive that they could use to listen to many “EDM” sets to prepare themselves for a weekend of, “hell,” as they would put it.

Westboro Baptist Church spokesperson Lisa Greer stated, “[Electric Daisy Carnival] is just another trashy haven for inappropriate sexual activity and rampant drug use.” Greer also said to Kansas NBC affiliate reporter Christopher McCathy, “In addition to the rampant drug use and inappropriate heterosexual sexual activity, this festival openly supports and welcomes gay attendees. We believe that same-sex marriages are being openly condoned and sanctioned on festival grounds, we hope to thwart these blatant sins against Jesus Christ – our mission is to educate.”

Attendees of the Electronic Daisy Carnival are being asked enjoy the festival and to ignore the distraction caused by the picketing members of Westboro Baptist Church. Hopefully Pasquale hears about this news and puts a stop to it because EDC is not the place for hate and judgment. Maybe Westboro will be educated on our lifestyle, positive culture, and how accepting we are to everyone, if they even enter the gates…

They’re in for a rude awakening! PLUR to the haters!

Those that wish to ask members of the Westboro Baptist Church to re-consider their plans to attend and protest at the Electronic Daisy Carnival may do so by calling the direct line to their Kansas congregation at 785-273-0325.


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