‘Think Positive’ is the second collaboration to come out of the Celebration of Life collective, where producers ban together to raise funds and awareness for a local hospice. The tune has a huge list of veteran producers that include: Fleck (track producer), Aries (Mix and mastering), Sweetie Irie, Navigator, Ragga Twins, Tippa Irie, Johnny Dolla, and Alaska MC. An instant classic ‘Think Positive’ is a great drum n bass track that finds influences from reggae inspired samples and incredible breaks.

Celebration of Life is an unique collaboration comprised of very talented and decorated musicians and producers in the UK. Most of these artists come from a drum ‘n bass, reggae ad dace music background with the sole mission of supporting Demelza, a hospice that provides services for family and patients who are terminally ill. It is these types of selfless acts that bridge the music world with the ongoing ways of life that are just plain hard to ignore as it affects us all. ‘Think Positive’ is the second release to come out of the collective and has even inspired Charlene Mulhern, the mother of Jaden, who ‘Think Positive’ is dedicated to, to start up her own label to help other families in need and promote the healing/unifying nature of music.

Listen to ‘Think Positive’ down below!

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