Denver-based guitarist, bassist, and ‘livetronica’, Meanr Mynr, has solidified the fruits of his labor in his new EP, ‘The Sacrifice’. This 5-track culmination of work signifies the sacrifice through the time, the dedication, and the motivation it takes to pursue passion as fiery as music, hence the EP title. Meanr Mynr jams through every song with immense passion and his sacrifices made for the project can be heard loud and clear throughout the entire EP. Each song represents various stages through which Meanr Mynr has underwent that has lead to this EP.

‘Sanctified’ opens up the airwaves with strong basslines and groovy electric guitar riffs that all evoke the feeling of finding a passion for the future while simultaneously understanding that you’ll need to let go of certain things, pleasures, and time to get to the desired future. As your ear drums ride through the next waves of ‘Saint James’, ‘The Sacrifice’, ‘From The Ashes’, and ‘Party To Damascus’, you’ll hear an increasing level of emotional instrumentation couple with roaring bassline and oscillating growls. Meanr Mynr has done an excellent job of pouring his passion into this EP that exemplifies his sacrifices to the craft.

The Meanr Mynr project came to be in 2016, but was born with Reggie Sudduth for as long as he has been alive. After a star-aligned jam session, Reggie heard his calling and set out to be the best guitarist and bassist in our modern day age. We think he’s well on his way.

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