Hailing from Denver, Colorado, is one-man guitarist and producer, Reggie Sudduth II, better known as Meanr Mynr. Despite picking up the guitar at the late age of 18, Reggie’s thirst for music has landed him the accolade of ‘Top 10 Livetronica Bands’ alongside other live electronic bands such as the Disco Biscuits and STS9. Originally a bassist and guitarist for various jam bands and hip hop groups, Meanr Mynr found himself anew when discovering the infinite possibilities with electronic production.

Now, Meanr Mynr’s latest EP ‘The Compound’ makes him sounds like a full-piece jam band, instead of a lone guitarist. Cultivating sounds similar to that of Griz and the Glitch Mob, with a little splash of Led Zepplin, Meanr Mynr’s 3-track EP dives beyond any specific genre and real kick-back album to listen to. ‘Soul Out’ comes in as our favorite track in the EP as it stretches out an intense buildup of Meanr Mynr slaying his guitar. ‘Stay Up’ finishes out the EP with Reggie’s impeccable guitar melodies and riffs accompanied by undulating basslines.

Purchase the EP now on his Bandcamp.

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