New York-based musician and producer, Mike Sayre, creates ambient sounds that create the type of sensationalism you’ll find in movie scores and background soundscapes. His style takes on modern cinematic scoring and blends together ambient, atmospheric soundscapes that can either sooth or haunt you, it all depends on where Mike is willing to take you. ‘Music for Iceberg’ does a little bit of both.

The EP was created as the soundtrack for a changing world and brings audio awareness to climate change that is still a hot debate topic pitting social activists and scientists against political nay-sayers. ‘Genesis’ opens up the airwaves with the beautiful sounds and showcase a break-taking ambiance of our beautiful world capture purely through sounds. The music takes an abrupt left turn with ‘Fimbul’, the scary, haunting side of Sayre’s production that samples the crumbling of ice bergs and sounds of desolations that signals alarms if political nay-sayers overtake the pro-efforts to stabilize and improve climate change. ‘Anthropocene’ follows a similar theme to ‘Fimbul’, but ends on a horrific buildup of suspense, perhaps the unknown of tomorrow.

Sayre leaves us on a very solemn note, ‘Elegy’. Sad and poetic, the closing track leaves you with a feeling of uncertainty as if the world as we know it today can be drastically different tomorrow for better or worse. Parts of the proceeds raised from sales will be donated to climate change organizations.


1. Genesis
2. Fimbul
3. Anthropocene
4. Floes/Flows
5. Elegy

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