Since her first album, ‘And This Is My Life’ in 2006, Lachi has had scores of performances on nationally acclaimed platforms such as Oprah Radio, NPR, Oxygen, and CBS Radio just to name a few. Over the course of the past decade, she has been developing different styles that define the pop icon the Lachi project can be. Whether you dive in her emotionally driven EP ‘Ugly Beautiful’ that represents her versatility as a talented pianist or her alternative rock self-titled album released a year later in 2010, vocalized an edgier and more confident Lachi persona. More recently, Lachi has spent a good chuck of 2016 songwriting for production companies and other artists, such as the Mediterranean-inspired dance music track ‘Dalale’ with Zafrir Ifrach and Moroccan vocalist Maxime Karouchi.

‘Living A Lie’ opens with the warm welcoming of Lachi that quickly picks up a double-time tempo, eventually dropping into a back-and-forth trap break down. Big and loud, Lachi combines the element of sensational and commercial trap elements with her pop influence. Styles P hops on the track towards the end and gives he’s own ferocious verse that gives ‘Living A Lie’ just a bit more flavor and a fiery ending. Lachi’s voice is the track’s finishing topper before ending in an echoing silence.

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