Metaspion is the brain child of Morten Richter, a Norwegian musician, who has reinvented himself from rock star to EDM producer. He has been exploring the scene of electronic music for the better part of a year now. Last June, he produced a stand out breakthrough album entitled ‘Folktronic Schmolkfonika’, which naturally combined the elements of folk and electronic. You’ll find bits of the folk influences also in his latest release, ‘Pyro’. This new single is heavier on the trap and hip hop influences, showcasing Metaspion’s love for 808 kicks as he describes below:

“It was a “wow!” moment when I first put an 808 kick over a Hardanger fiddle playing a folk riff. I remember thinking this is something the world has never heard before. It was like something exploded or caught fire. Which later led to the lyrics.” – Metaspion

Fiddle and war horns samples drive the song with full force as rapper, Skam R’Tist lends his vocals with a ferocious touch. You’ll find a style and rhythm similar to bass titans, Excision and Gramatik. This song is the perfect embodiment of why Richter pursued the Metaspion project: to inspire the younger generations and explore the audio treasures of Norwegian folk music and dance.

Check out ‘Pyros’ down below!

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