Yesterday, the duke of Bass Music Flux Pavilion reached out to fellow legend Doctor P on Twitter concerning new ventures:

Around 5 or 6 this morning, the resulting Party Drink Smoke collab EP from them dropped- that was fast. The artwork reminiscent of your note passing days in school(yes we know, kids today will never know how that goes) communicated that the big mission with this was simple: to have as much fun as possible and go with the flow.

These three productions embrace that full heartedly while continuing the mission of Cookie Monsta‘s Wobble EP; if you just returned the subwoofer you borrowed from your friend, it’s time to make a U-Turn and get it back. Otherwise, you may have trouble understanding the full wrath of these tracks.

Even if the superior baselines are out of the equation though, each tune has their own distinct quality. Be it the clever verses from Jarron Benton in the EP’s title track, the nostalgic feelings evoked from the chords and guitar of F*****s , or the speedy and pulse pounding pace of Stampede, you’re in for the kind of ride you’d cut the line to board again as soon as possible.

Luckily, music has no physical lines; you can wear this EP out to your heart’s content above or on a streaming platform of your choice.

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