Still in the midst of his phenomenal Around The World In 80 Raves world tour, Flux Pavilion has somehow managed to find the time to smash it in his typical style on two awesome collaborations, which he’s now ready to drop on his Circus Records imprint. Given that the tour is set to surpass the eighty raves mark and remains far from over, makes this feat even more impressive. With modern anthems such as “Emotional” and “Savage,” Flux is a relentless hit-making machine, whether he’s on the tour bus or in the studio.

This fresh release from Flux shows just why this guy’s at the top of his game. “Stain” feat. Two-9 does not hang about; its big brass skanks sound out the track’s intentions right from the off, before slamming down the beefiest 808s you’ve ever heard. This trap banger is treated to bars from Two-9, the collective from ‘hip-hop’s centre of gravity’, Atlanta. “Watch out where you standing boy –the mosh-pit show no love”, is the warning, and it’s one worth heeding; this one’s going to go off at the rave!”

“Saxophone Doom” feat. Jace & Curtis Williams represents a second serving of furious Flux trap, however this time it’s laced with frenetic breaks, a Prodigy-esque bass line,Chemical Brothers style guitars, even more sub-crushing 808s, and slick lyrical flows from Two-9 members, Jace and Curtis Williams. In short, this track bangs, and it bangs hard! Flux Pavilion has once again delivered two slabs of sub-smashing brilliance, proving why he’s the boss of bass.

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