It’s 2019, a point in time where tensions are high about most things. Making sure those tensions are present is none other than Datsik, in one way or another. We all remember the accusations that were thrown his way not too long ago. Now, he is bothering people in another way.

In what seemed to be out of the blue, English DJ Flux Pavillion called out Datsik for culturally appropriating the Chinese culture.

Datsik, a Canadian who has been vocal about his love for the Chinese culture and ninjas, has stated that he was a ninja “fresh out of the womb.” He’s expressed his love for the food and dress, stating it was a borderline obsession. Flux called him out for being “a Canadian kid wearing a Chinese farmers hat,” defining it as a “questionable moment in Datsiks career.”

Whether it is cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation, the internet has duly responded to Flux, as they tend to. See what other people had to say about the matter.

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