Back in March 2018, a series of tweets have hit the internet with detailed accounts of sexual misconduct and assault that have occurred behind closed doors and backstage against prominent dubstep DJ/Producer, Datsik. Twitter account profile @_pricesssjay seems to have sparked the controversial subject through a series of screenshots of conversations between her and a ‘friend’ of another victim, describing in great detail about the events that took place. This, in turn, set off a vacuum of other women, who felt empowered to tell their side of stories that all give similar details and experiences with Datsik. We haven’t heard from Datsik in 18 months but heard rumors of him making a comeback in the Fall of 2018 but nothing ever came about it.

Fast forward to November 2019, Datsik updates his social media profile photos and drops a video update on what he has been doing and going through in life in the last 18 months. He talks about going to therapy and self-reflecting in life after he quit touring and wants to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. He also talks about how he has been working on new stuff but doesn’t go into detail but not once does he mention the victims during this bullshit 7-minute “apology” video but rather use the “mental illness” card that hundreds of celebrities have used in the past as an excuse for their wrongdoings in life. Overall, we’re not buying this apology after he just sat there beating around the bush with his deep sighs as if we are supposed to feel sorry for him or something. As for us, and the rest of the EDM community, Datsik is still canceled and dance music wants nothing to do with this man. ✌🏽

Watch the full video for yourself and come up with your own opinion.

“What seemed like a quick solution actually ended up being a prescription for a major downfall. It was a very slippery slope up there and I see that now when I think back on it all. I apologize for my poor behavior and the reckless lifestyle that ended up having a detrimental effect on my relationships. It’s a lifestyle that I’m no longer practicing and one that I’ve worked very hard to overcome.”

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