Annie Nightengale’s BBC Radio 1 show got rocked with not one, but three insane Bass music mixes. First up to the plate was Ray Volpe for the Ignition Mix, who dropped 30 minutes of gritty Bass Music. The Quest mix was where things really got interesting, though.


Introducing himself with an intense robot voice filter, the anonymous artist called our attention to a slew of ID’s and exclusive content we were bound to hear. With that, he dropped into a wild new one- an untitled collaboration with Canadian producer Slooze. from there, 25 tracks of pulse-pounding intensity follow, including IDs with Josh Pan, Kayzo and even a Hanz Zimmer track snuck into the middle. We’re already on replay 3 of this one, so we think you’ll enjoy the hell out of it as well.

Check the full tracklist of the show, including this mix, via 1001 tracklists.


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