Good morning for the final time, friends. At this point, everyone’s sleep schedules are used to the schedule of an insomniac: wake up hours into the sun being in the sky, and don’t shut your eyes again ’till it’s back. We know you want to keep the momentumn of a largely eventful EDC goiong forward, so here are some pro tips we have to impart to continue smiling 24/7 to the very last beat.

Check out the art in your downtime.

The slew of installations around the speedway are there for you to appreciate and take a long gander at, so pencil in some time to make sure you;’ve seen all the intricate art that EDC has to offer. Just like a producer slaves over a hot DAW to proiduce the next banger, visual artists put a load of work in to putting together something relly cool to help make a new world out of a racetrack,


Even the most flashy of totems can get lost in the mix of a mostrous crowd at several of EDC’s large scale stages. When you text your friend with the loction of your bat symbol of sorts, add a small detail about the coordinates(left front facing stage, etc.) with those two things in mind, finding someone will be a cinch(as long as you’re at the right stage, too).

Challenge yourself to hit a new stage.

Whether it’s your first EDC and you don’t feel like venturing out of your comfort zone or you’ve been to EDC plenty of times and feel like you know your tastes better than anyone else, everyone can get caught in the trap of too much of the same. That odd stop at a stage polar opposite of your tastes will make for somthing memorable, whether you feel shellshocked the whole time or you have a great dance around the stage with friends you usually never see.

Art. Cars.

Not only do the art cars yield special guest DJs who’s faces you get to look at much closer, but these cars are curated to include the stars of tomorrow. Not only that, but this new Parliament contraption is LIT.

Choose the perfect spot for the fireworks.

It’s hard to believe that such an insane display of fireforks comes for twenty minutes each day. Better still, you have more than seven choices on how you want that moment in time to sound; you can headbang through the exciting show of dynamite or you can sway left and right to a chilled out Techno beat. Whatever thr choice, don’t forget to spend 5 minutes lost in the moment(even you, instagram stars.


We can’t wait to touch down with you one last time…be sure to follow our Snapchat Global_Dance for more live reporting.

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