As the battle between the spread of COVID-19 continues to grow in the United States, officials like Governor Steve Sisolak continue to ask their residents to please continue to abide by CDC regulations, especially by not gathering in large groups of people. Of course, we still have those individuals who regardless of the life-threatening risks that are out there, continue to allow the spread of the virus, by continuing to party. In fact, we had some “brave” party-goers throw a whole underground rave for the patriotic weekend. News 3 in Las Vegas were given the exclusive on the location and details of this secret event.

Tickets were sold online and once the purchase was made ticket holders were sent the information that they needed, asking attendees to also not post the details to keep everything hush hush.

In the video taken by News 3, you see fireworks lighting the night sky popping off one by one. Hundreds of ravers having the time of their life with no one precaution being taken. No masks, no sanitation stations, multiple stages bunching crowds into one large lump on the desert floor. According to the event flyer “Malum Geminos” was the one who hosted the desert rave over 4th of July weekend. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is why? Interestingly enough, there was also no business license that could be found either to locate the promoter. As locals flooded their social media with content documenting the night, Dr. Christina Madison, a local public health expert and Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice with Roseman University of Health Sciences, had this to say on the matter.

“Try not to do these large gatherings — it’s a super-spreader event just waiting to happen,” she said. “Please, please, take responsibility for yourself. Do not spread this to others. Do not fill up our ERs. And Our ICUs. And get people to the point where they have to require a ventilator. Please, I’m begging you.”

PLEASE continue to social distance and wear your masks out in public. The quicker we beat this, the quicker we’ll get back to the dance floor.


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