Disney has confirmed that Tron 3 is officially in development. The third installment of the Tron franchise is coming ten years after the sequel, Tron: Legacy. Disney Executive Mitchell Leib interviewed with Light The Fuse podcast and gave more details on the project. It is meant to be more of a sequel than a reboot, and talks for the Tron: Legacy cast returning as well as the director, Joseph Kosinski, is in the works.

Even more exciting than those talk returns is that Disney is looking to Daft Punk to return and do the movie score. While nothing is set in stone yet, the studio is hopeful that the French electronic duo, who made such a memorable score for the second movie, comes back again. The score for Tron: Legacy¬†features an 85-piece orchestra and was a blend of orchestral and electronic music. It went on to get accolades: the score¬†received an award for “Best Original Score” from the¬†Austin Film Critics Association¬†and was nominated for Score of the Year and Breakout Composer of the Year. It also won Best Original Score for a Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror Film by the International Film Music Critics Association. The soundtrack album was also nominated for Best Score Soundtrack Album for Visual Media¬†at the¬†54th Grammy Awards. For all of us in the EDM community, it was a memorable score for us as well, whether you are a¬†Tron fan or not.

Even though this is just the beginning, it gives a hopeful air to the next Tron movie. Let’s hope that we get another awesome score from Daft Punk!


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