Amoeba Music is known as one of the world’s largest independent record stores. The iconic music chain was founded in 1990 and has stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with the latter being a staple of Sunset Blvd.

Music has changed in the past thirty years, and Amoeba has had to adapt with shifts in the industry, especially with the shift of buying CDs to digital music and streaming services.  They still sell CDs, vinyls, and videos, in addition to hosting live shows and other events. Over the past few years, reports surfaced that Amoeba Music would have to relocate. The store finally announced its new location.

Currently located at 6400 Sunset Blvd, Amoeba is shifting 2 blocks north and 2 blocks east. Their new home will be at 6200 Hollywood Blvd, next to the Fonda Theater. They will now take up a huge ground-level space on the corner of Hollywood and Argyle in the new “El Centro” complex in downtown Hollywood. The move is slated for sometime after Labor Day 2020. Details such as specific dates of closing and reopening are still being worked out, but Amoeba promised to update everyone once they knew through their social channels and page.

While the new space is slightly smaller according to their site, it isn’t by much. The site stated that:

“It’s still a huge space that will house all the formats and goodies we carry now. We will remain a Hollywood institution.”

In addition, they are still functioning the same way: live shows, trade counter, meet-and-greets, and its usual sales, even online.

Sunset Blvd is losing an icon, but for music lovers, it is a relief to know that at least it is only moving a few blocks down.

Amoeba Music Hollywood


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