A tour rider is a set of requests or demands that an artist needs for their performance. It’s a Dj’s job to set the atmosphere. Rider’s are the way they set the mood before they even walk into the venue.

The same week Diplo and Skrillex’s rider was leaked, an old Deadmau5 tour rider was leaked on Twitter. The one pager published by @florentderue outlines what libations, food, and miscellaneous items The Mau5 and needs while on tour.

Deadmau5 responded, stating:12966567_10209128112704510_47084165_nTurns out Joel is just a normal guy who likes to pop champagne, have a couple smokes, and have a 5 foot inflatable animal at his disposal to keep him warm at night!

Check out his full rider below: Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.45.07 PM

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