Bassrush is going big this Fall as they announce the inaugural Apocalypse Zombieland at the Queen Mary Waterfront

Bassrush is gearing up to bring the west coast a new festival Apocalypse Zombieland at the Queen Mary Waterfront in Long Beach on Friday, November 24th and Saturday, November 25th, 2023. Thanksgiving Weekend will now become Bassgiving Weekend with Bassrush hosting a huge two-day fest.

A massive outbreak is spreading throughout Long Beach as an unknown virus was uncovered after a dozen bassheads were found walking the streets of the LBC with no sense of time, direction, or morals… as if they were zombies. Scientists claim the virus attaches itself to ravers instantly attacking their nervous system and leaving them with a fever as high as 145-150 causing them to break their necks violently, but luckily, we have discovered when the sound of bass is played it instantly rattles their brains into mush. The Queen Mary Waterfront is now ground zero and Bassrush has been granted access to quarantine the area, dubbing it Apocalypse Zombieland. No word yet when we’ll be able to leave the premises but something tells us we’ll be here fighting for humanity as Bass Will Save The World!

Tickets to Apocalypse Zombieland are set to go on sale THIS Friday, 6/23 @ 12PM. 2-day passes will be available with single-day tickets on sale at a later date.



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