Factory 93 & Dreamstate join forces to bring you INTERSTELLAR, a brand new festival dedicated to Trance and Techno.

Two of Insomniac’s major brands are colliding this Summer for the first time ever as Factory 93 × Dreamstate present their brand new joint festival INTERSTELLAR at the LA Waterfront at Berth 46 on Friday, August 19th and Saturday, August 20th, 2023.

The infinite universe: a place of limitless possibility, miraculous wonders, and fathomless mystique. Factory 93 and Dreamstate have reached into the vast, deep nothingness of space and have returned to you with a concept for a new celebration, a transcendental communion unlike anything you’ve encountered before: the Interstellar Experience.

Allow them to guide us through this strange and beautiful infinity, and together we will journey through the unknown. Interstellar represents a spectrum of sound, a world of its own among the pulsing of the stars, where innumerable melodies intertwine with the constellations, and the resounding vibrations of the universe can be felt all around.

On August 19+20, Interstellar formally invites you on this voyage, encouraging you to unbind yourself from this earthly realm, and return with us to our ancient celestial roots.

Tickets to Interstellar at LA Waterfront go on sale THIS Friday, May 12th @ 12PM PT.


Factory 93 & Dreamstate Announce INTERSTELLAR at LA Waterfront

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