Listen to it around a campfire, strip down naked, and dance around the fire. This may be the idealistic way to listen to Norway’s Astraleid’s enchanting music. Their latest album drop, ‘Shamanic Love’ will send you into a trance with their ritualistic, tribal music. Astralseid combines the elements of Norwegian chants with electronic dance music, creating a style of music you really need to experience outdoor in the woods. ‘Shadow Love’ and ‘Skydance’ will really set the mood, giving you the feeling of becoming the children of the wild. Are you ready to jump into this audio journey of human consciousness and spirituality? This is the album for you.

Astralseid started in 2018 with their very first demo track, ‘Skydance’, which also appears in ‘Shamanic Love’. They gather much of inspiration by staying connecting with nature and great outdoors. Much of how Astralseid makes music is by simply improvising through their experiences with nature. Before incorporation electronic music into their repertoire, they were mainly producing acoustic and Nordic folk music. Once they discovered that electronic music would mix well with their blend of Nordic folk, Astalseid was born.

Listen to ‘Shamanic Love’ down below!

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