September 8th, we celebrate and honor EDM legend Avicii’s 31st birthday. Sirius XM is hosting a week-long celebration in honor of his memory. Starting on Tuesday, September 8th the “Avicii Birthday Tribute for Mental Health Awareness” will be hosted. This coinciding with the Suicide Prevention week. Listeners can tune in on channel 51 on Sirius XM to experience never before heard interviews, music, and more.

Avicii’s set from Japan 2016 will be played for the first time since. Even his father, Klas Bergling will be participating in the week-long celebration to talk about his son his passion for helping others. This week-long celebration of life will also support and benefit two charities, MusicCares, and Vibrant Emotional Health. Vibrant Emotional Health provides delivers services for emotional support. Avicii was not only known as paving so many paths for the EDM world and breaking barriers but also for his tremendous dedicated effort to giving back to his community and standing up for those who don’t always get to have their voices heard. A truly noble call.

For access to all this exclusive content and more you can sign up for Sirius XM, they are even offering a free trial online.

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