News of another Gorillaz song has come, as they intended, like lightning: this time, it’s a new collaboration with Robert Smith of The Cure. Accompanying their twitter announcement was another stylish album cover that features the cartoon band in space, gathered around a mural of actual Robert Smith’s face. Considering the band’s last several singles with various artists like Slaves, Octavian, Schoolboy Q and slowthai there’s not much clue as to what this new tune will soundalike…and that’s the most exciting thing about it.

No release date has been set and few details are known. But the band did say this on Twitter. They wrote, “Coming up on Song Machine… It’s @RobertSmith.” This was followed by a spaceship emoji, as well as the instructions to “Follow your nearest Song Machine NOW!”

Stay tuned for a preview of the track soon and stream the previous episodes here:

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