Avicii’s memories live on through his documentary “True Stories,” which may be in the running for an Academy Award next year. The visceral inside look at the late producer’s touring life will be coming to Netflix at the end of the month, and a screening of the film will play in LA on the 14th and New York on the 21st to qualify for an Oscar. Director Levan Tsikurishvili says after Avicii’s demise, he sees the film “in a very different way. Watching it, I felt everything you can think of. It was a very emotional experience.” There’s no doubt curious fans who have seen the film will be back to watch it again with that same idea. They’ll be joined by those watching it for the first time in order to get a deeper understanding of the factors that led to his suicide in April of 2018.

Many believed that True Stories disappeared from the streaming service as a direct result of Bergling’s death, but director Levan Tsikurishvili told the Guardian this week that this is not the case.

“The film was never supposed to have a wider release back then,” notes Tsikurishvili, who spent four years in Bergling’s company to capture the documentary.

“What happened was that people tried to watch the movie in the US and UK and couldn’t find it. So, they ran with the story that it had been pulled.”

You can jump on to Netflix December 28th to see the documentary.

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