Two-word hype-tweets can be classified in the same fun category as studio selfies and cryptic 15-second youtube trailers; the fun never stops when a big piece of news is confirmed in what feels like a millisecond. This particular reply from Axwell came way back in December but is worth bringing up once again since Chicago’s big festival Lollapalooza is coming up. On the 4th of that month, someone tweeted out their Christmas wish for he and Ingrosso to play a set at the 4-day affair, to which Axwell simply said: “it’s happening.” Lolla happens August 2-5, with the lineup most likely coming a few months before then…so one could say this announcement was rather premature. Regardless, the cat is out of the bag. We hope to see a full roster of artists soon and will report on other electric names when they are announced.

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