Seeing the Bassnectar symbol en-masse is going to be a constant at Electric Forest from now until the end of time, as Bassnectar has been officially confirmed as a resident of Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan. The latest episode of Night Owl Radio not only revealed new tracks on his latest album Unlimited, but dropped the news of his new commitment.

From listening to Lorin’s chat with Pasquale Rotella on the show, you can hear the exact reasons why this partnership makes sense. The Santa Cruz-based artists reflects on Insomniac’s mission: “Making it about the fans…that’s something that I firmly believe is not a marketing strategy or one-liner; it’s the ethos. It’s something that I experienced in my early rave days, I’m sure it’s something you experienced in yours…It has so much to do with that overall emerging experience, so props to you guys.”

A match made in heaven like this opens the door to a lot of possibilities for future festivals or other show brands put on by Insomniac; considering the promoter is always open to new ideas, it would be wise to look out for what other announcements are in store.

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